Download Covid-19 Consent form:

Safety Measures Employed:
September 15, 2020

I've purchased
Disposable masks
Disposable face covers
Paper face covers

The face cradle will have 3 layers two are disposal.
Vinyl table cover  and face cradle cover for easy bleach wipe down.

Dyson air purifier 400, great machine. Minimizes Volatile Organic compounds in seconds.
Portable Negative ionic air purifier.
Ozone UVC germ disinfectant light used after each client. This procedure creates fresh air for next patient.

Removed all porous fabrics that can't be wiped with a disinfectant solution.

Thermometer on entry along with
Oxygen meter for finger
and use of hands free  hand sanitizer.
Alcohol wipes available.

Laundry sanitation procedures and storage proceedures: Laundry is cleaned and folded and placed directly into plastic bags until used for session. Mask is worn and laundry goes directly in bag already seperated for minimal exposure  to sheet material.

Small air purifier for check out room.

I took a sanitation course for massage practice following CDC and AMTA guidelines for safety.
I will be wearing a
Face shield, mask and
All sanitized between sessions.

Gloves by request.

The office has access to 3  sources of fresh air for a nice cross breezes.

A fresh clean mask will be given to you on your arrival.

Thank you,